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We also do a lot of work with our local radio station Tower FM. Phil is the "Resident Rev" and does a "thought for the day" every Saturday and Sunday on the breakfast show. To visit the Tower FM website click on the link:
For more information on the Bolton and Rochdale Methodist District visit:
For more information on the Methodist Church visit:
We have a rural partner church in Wigton, Cumbria. Visit:
We are also in close contact with another of our partner Churches in Pinetown, South Africa. Visit:
Adsad is a non-government organisation that assists those detained in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Members of our Cogolese congregation, which meets at 2pm on a Sunday afternoon have links with Adsad. For more information on Adsad visit:
We are also a part of the Methodist City Centre Network which meets twice a year to discuss and develop a strategy of Methodist work in the town and city centres of our country. For more information please visit:
One of the many projects we run from the Victoria Hall is BOLTON STEPS. Within BOLTON STEPS are the projects Mission Cafe, Best Buffets, Four Seasons, BAND.IT, Cafe Cappella and Cafe Arts. You will find information about BOLTON STEPS within our website or click on:


This site has been developed by members of the connexional team and is
intended to facilitate discussion surrounding Christianity and


We have been sponsoring the rejesus site for sometime and recommend it
as a resource for those considering the claims of Jesus.

The Methodist Church is encouraging churches and individuals to focus on prayer over the coming months. Pray Without Ceasing is an initiative of the Church's young people, who have called on the whole church to promote a year of non-stop prayer. For more information please click on:

Find information on the Make Poverty History campaign. Support the trade justice movement and the drop the debt campaign with the make poverty history website:

For details on our Local Make Poverty History website click:


As part of the new-look Methodist website, an online Bible study called A Word in Time will be launched go to:


Ship of Fools is the magazine of Christian unrest a Christian humour magazine to visit the website click on: