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Music at the Hall



The Main Hall, The Victoria Hall, was opened in 1901, and music has always been an important part of the work of the Mission.  The concerts and films on Saturday evenings in the early decades included both solos and hymns sung by the audience, as well as items by local instrumental groups, particularly the brass bands of the area. 

Organs and orchestras

It will seem strange to many visitors to The Victoria Hall that there is no pipe organ:  the "Lord Rank" Central Halls all had a pipe organ positioned where the screen would be in a cinema.  The Victoria Hall on the other hand had an orchestra which played for the evening service [the main service] every week, and that orchestra included the Chappell baby grand piano which is now in the Walker Suite. The orchestra played for its last service in the early 1980s, and there are still some of those players working in local orchestras.  The usual accompaniment instruments today are the full size Yamaha grand piano and the Makin computer organ which was installed in the early 1980s and is now showing its age. 



The Praise Band

On the first Sunday of each month, All Age Worship is led by a band of 12-15 players.  It also leads the first part of worship on the third Sunday of the month and plays for other services such as the Carol Service and for District and Town Centre events.  There are also weekly opportunities for smaller groups of players or singers to offer “Music for Meditation” at an appropriate place in morning or evening worship.






Sources of songs

Songs and Hymns sung at the main services come mainly from the ecumenical book "Hymns & Psalms", but also include music from Mission Praise, the Taizé community, the World Church, the Iona community and from the collection "Common Ground". 

Range of Services

There are many services in the year which are planned with the wider Bolton community in mind.  In particular, there are services to celebrate Christmas and Easter.  The Victoria Hall has always had a particular care for the disadvantaged in Bolton, and this is demonstrated by many of the weekday projects.  Thinking about the music at The Victoria Hall, we currently are delighted to welcome a Congolese congregation who share our premises and regularly offer enthusiastic and vigorous songs to enhance our worship.  

The wider community of users

It has been a long tradition at The Victoria Hall that the Main Hall is used for concerts throughout the year.  At present, there are musical events on more than twenty occasions during the year, including the Music Festival of the Bolton Music Service, regular concerts from the Bolton Choral Union, charity concerts for the Bolton Hospice, regular concert productions by Opera 74, and many concerts from local bands.